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Loading Your Products Into CheapBooks.com

We only make money when you make money.

Using CPA programs, we are paid a percentage of each sale for every customer we send to your company, typically 5% to 8%. If we send you customers who do not buy anything, you do not pay us anything.

At this time, we use third party affiliate networks to load products into cheapbooks.com. Your company must sign up with a third party affiliate network, and send your datafeed (pricing spreadsheet) to the third party network. We will then load your pricing into our system. The third party network will be responsible for formatting your price datafeed, and for tracking sales.

Requirements: You should have products using standard SKU numbers, such as UPC, ISBN, ISSN, etc. You should have at least a few hundred items in your inventory, although we work with companies with as many as 3,000,000 items in their inventory.

Affiliate networks vary in price or cost. We will provide you with the most affordable. The fee structure is as follows:
    Affiliate Network Fee Structures
  • sign up / registration fee (may be waived)
  • monthly fees (optional)
  • annual fees (optional)
  • transactional fees (approximately 1% to 3% of total sale)
  • initial transactional-fee deposit
    Why Partner With CheapBooks?
  • In business since 1997
  • Our CEO has extensive experience working with the web and affiliate programs since 1994
  • CheapBooks' brand is recognized worldwide
  • Free bilingual telephone support to help customers research and purchase your products

If you do not have an online store with its own affiliate program, use one of the following services:

Step 1

Sign up for a Merchant / Advertiser account with one of the following companies:

Step 2

After you join one of these networks, and your account is approved, follow their instructions for uploading your datafeed to their network. The network you join will have its own policies and procedures for creating and uploading datafeeds. You will need to re-upload your datafeed whenever you change pricing or inventory on your site. Most companies update their datafeeds once per day.

Step 3

Contact us with the following information: where you have a Merchant account (which affiliate network you joined), and your company name used on the service. We will then apply for your campaign, and apply for access to your datafeed. Depending on how you configure your account, and depending on which network you choose, your pricing may show up on CheapBooks with 24 hours, or if additional configuration is required, more time will be needed.

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