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CheapBooks® API

CheapBooks.com offers an API to allow you to lookup pricing from our database. This is useful for creating apps for smart phones and PDA's, web apps, etc.

    API Features
  • Determine the lowest, average, and maximum street price of your inventory.
  • Determine the availability of books in the marketplace.
  • Lookup information about product skus.
  • Retrieve information from many product skus in 1 request.
  • Report invalid skus (invalid ISBN numbers, etc).

Sample Usage:

Basic Linkhttp://api.cheapbooks.com/api.cgi?isbn=0538493720,0538741252&api_key=sandbox
Sample Linkhttp://api.cheapbooks.com/isbn=0538493720,0538741252&api_key=sandbox

View current System Variables.

api_keyYour assigned API key. You may use "sandbox" for testing purposes.
isbnA 10-digit or 13-digit ISBN or EAN, or a comma separated list.
isbn10A 10-digit ISBN, or a comma separated list.
isbn13A 13-digit ISBN, or a comma separated list.
skuAn ISBN or EAN, or a comma separated list.
Restrict results to a specific item condition.
Valid condition types are: used, new, ebooks, rental.
countryA 2-letter country code, as defined by a top level domain name extension.
Valid country codes are: US
currencyA 3-letter currency code.
Valid currency codes are: USD

The number of skus supported by each function call is a variable that is subject to change, and that may change dynamically upon each request.

SAMPLE RESULTS: <isbn10>0538741252</isbn10> <isbn13>9780538741255</isbn13> <price_ebooks_avg>0.00</price_ebooks_avg> <price_ebooks_max>0.00</price_ebooks_max> <price_ebooks_min>0.00</price_ebooks_min> <price_new_avg>178.98</price_new_avg> <price_new_max>243.00</price_new_max> <price_new_min>45.80</price_new_min> <price_rental_avg>0.00</price_rental_avg> <price_rental_max>0.00</price_rental_max> <price_rental_min>0.00</price_rental_min> <price_used_avg>164.50</price_used_avg> <price_used_max>231.20</price_used_max> <price_used_min>99.40</price_used_min> <quantity_ebooks>0</quantity_ebooks> <quantity_new>4</quantity_new> <quantity_rental>0</quantity_rental> <quantity_used>4</quantity_used> <total_merchants>7</total_merchants> <url_price> http://price.cheapbooks.com/price_compare.cgi?isbn=9780538741255 </url_price>

isbn10The 10 digit equivalent of an ISBN or EAN.
isbn13The 13 digit equivalent of an ISBN or EAN.
price_used_avgThe average price of used books.
price_used_maxThe maximum price of used books.
price_used_minThe minimum price of used books.
price_new_avgThe average price of new books.
price_new_maxThe maximum price of new books.
price_new_minThe minimum price of new books.
price_rental_avgThe average price of rental books.
price_rental_maxThe maximum price of rental books.
price_rental_minThe minimum price of rental books.
price_ebooks_avgThe average price of ebooks.
price_ebooks_maxThe maximum price of ebooks.
price_ebooks_minThe minimum price of ebooks.
quantity_newThe number of merchants selling new books.
quantity_usedThe number of merchants selling used books.
quantity_rentalThe number of merchants renting books.
quantity_ebooksThe number of merchants selling ebooks.
total_merchantsThe total number of merchants.
url_priceThe URL for the price comparison page.

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